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What to Do if You Get into an Accident with a Rental Car

Dubai has a great road system with clean, well-maintained roads and freeways. Additionally, the city has an advanced and comprehensive public transportation network that includes a metro, bus, and taxi. Dubai's traffic regulations are also severely enforced, and violators face steep fines. So, if you use a Dubai car rental for your trip or daily commute, you must drive extra carefully.

Despite all the positive sides offered by the Dubai government, accidents can still happen due to human error or erratic weather. Drivers must pay attention to what's going on around them, obey traffic regulations, and use caution by keeping a reasonable distance behind them and driving at the proper pace. Let's look into what to do in case of an accident with a rental automobile in Dubai.

Stop At the Side

Ensure you park your car off the road, so it isn't blocking traffic while waiting for the police to arrive.

Call The Police

If you happen to meet with an accident, it is a must to inform the police. They will then inspect the situation and provide a slip detecting who's at fault. If you do not cause it, you can present it to the rent a car company to avoid further costs. Also, this slip is important to submit at the garage in case of any repair work.

Register Complaint

Get the names, numbers, and insurance details for the other vehicle(s) in the accident and their contact information. Take photos of the accident area and any harm done to the cars.

Inform The Rental Company About The Mishap

Give all the information you have gathered to the rental company and inform them about the accident. It is advisable to pay attention to their directions about how to proceed.

Contact The Police And Insurance Provider

To ensure your case is handled correctly, follow through with the police and your insurance provider.

Driving in Dubai requires constant vigilance, awareness of your surroundings, and adherence to all traffic laws and regulations. Accidents can occur even under stringent rules and regulations if drivers are not attentive. Once you find a rent a car near me, discuss all conceivable circumstances with the rental agency.

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