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Tips to Make Driving in an Unfamiliar Rental Car Less Stressful

Driving a new rental car might be intimidating. Circumstances similar to the current pandemic might arise and necessitate renting a car in Dubai. It is crucial to be ready for such occasions and keep a few suggestions in mind so you feel confident when the opportunity presents itself. It's very simple to get used to a specific vehicle, especially with the location of the controls, the way the brakes feel, and the way the steering wheel responds. Here are some tips to keep in mind when operating a new vehicle that will assist you in becoming acquainted with all the new features.

Know the Limits of the Car's Power

You should be aware that cars frequently react in different ways depending on how much power is used. It is best to drive cautiously because you might need to become more familiar with the current car's power and capabilities, especially when merging through traffic and turning at roundabouts. In order to avoid any mishaps, make sure to leave enough space.

Get Familiar

One of the first things to do when stepping into a new car is to familiarize yourself with the controls. Every vehicle is different, so you must gauge where everything is located to avoid any last-minute mishaps. You can start by finding the basic controls, such as the lights, windshield, gas, and bonnet opening panels. Having everything you need ensures a comfortable and stress-free drive.

Braking Response Time

As we’ve mentioned, every car is different, and so will its braking response time. As experts in the car rental industry, we highly recommend considering this point. When you start, ensure plenty of space when slowing down to guarantee a safe stop. Once you’ve understood it, you can analyze it before hitting the brake. This is crucial because excessive brake pad usage can harm the car by wearing down the brakes and causing wear and tear.

Adjust the Mirrors

One of the first things taught when learning to drive is adjusting all the mirrors. This may sound obvious, but it is something that many drivers need help to do, thus causing accidents. Before you start, you need to adjust all the mirrors to your eye level to have a clear view of the road behind. It makes driving easy for you and your neighbors and eases the process of changing tracks.

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